PRESS RELEASE February 1- 2019

Floatel International – Listing of bonds and release of Q4-report

Following the USD 400 million 1st lien and USD 75 million 2nd lien bond issuance last October Floatel have applied for listing of the said bonds with the Oslo Exchange on Nordic ABM. First Day of trading will be on Monday, February 4, under ticker FLOAT02 PRO and FLOAT03 PRO.

The Q4-report will be released on 25 February 2019.

For further information please contact:
Peter Jacobsson, CEO, Floatel International AB – Tel: + 46 31 352 07 00; Mob: +46 768 56 36 18
Tomas Hjelmstierna, CFO, Floatel International AB – Tel: + 46 31 352 07 00; Mob: +46 702 61 09 01

Floatel International Ltd was established in 2006 to satisfy a market demand for a new generation of offshore flotels. The vision of the Company is to own and operate the most modern, safe and reliable floatel fleet in the world.
Floatel International owns and operates five semisubmersible accommodation vessels, all vessel where delivered within the period 2010 to 2016. All vessels are equipped with dynamic positioning system and are built according to the latest HSE requirements providing quality and comfort for the guests onboard. The accommodation capacity of the Floatel fleet range from 440 beds to 550 beds.
All vessel are furthermore equipped with large deck areas, workshops and crane support able to assist complicated offshore hook up projects and maintenance and modifications of existing offshore facilities.
Two vessels, Floatel Superior and Floatel Endurance are approved to operate in the Norwegian sector and four vessels are approved for UK sector.
Floatel International AB is a management company responsible for operational management and construction supervision for and on behalf of the Owner, Floatel International Ltd.
For further information about Floatel International Group, please visit our web site at: