Information to 1L and 2L bondholders – Completion of Restructuring and expected Record Date (ISIN: NO 001 0833775 and NO 001 833783)

Nordic Trustee AS acts as Bond Trustee for the above mentioned bond issues issued by Floatel International Ltd pursuant to bond terms dated 9 October 2018. Reference is made to the Notice of a Written Resolution dated 3 February 2021, passed by the 2L Bondholders on 12 February 2021 and to the Notice of a Written Resolution dated 15 March 2021 passed by the 1L Bondholders on 16 March 2021.
The Restructuring is due to be completed and the expected Record Date for both the 1L Exchange and 2L Exchange is 24 March 2021. The New 1L Bonds and the New 1L Shares will be distributed to the 1L Bondholders as well as the Warrants to the 2L Bondholders through the CSD pro rata to the aggregate principal amount of 1L and 2L Bonds respectively.